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5 years on newgrounds

2010-01-04 15:12:40 by killer34578

it's been already more than 5 years ago that I joined newgrounds (02/01/05)
thats all I wanted to say, lol
also happy new year

long time since last post

2009-09-25 12:31:14 by killer34578

I should make a flash, finish a flash or finish a flash drawing
I should make a game thats more then a dressupgame or some tower defender
I should make more drawings

so please make some requests of what you would like to see


2008-08-07 11:38:23 by killer34578

I kinda quit making games,
but if you have some ideas I will work them out for you
but not too complicated with too much codes etc.
maby a cool Dress Up Doll, you name the characters and I will give it a go

I now draw at a site named

here's the URL: nessHANK

feel free to rate ;)


2008-02-16 18:19:28 by killer34578

how do you like my deagle (wtf cant post png :@) s/hh300/madnessHANK/deaglelineless.png


2007-10-02 15:00:42 by killer34578

madness rules my top 3 madness movies/games of madness day

1. Madness: Deus Ex Machina
2. Xionic Madness
3. absolute.Madness

what do you think ?


2007-08-24 16:02:36 by killer34578

can you order stickers if you live in holland??